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With blue skies and sunshine comes the blossoming of spring. Wild flowers adorn the hedgerows, fields of yellow are scattered across Cornwall as daffodil season hits, and the choice of locally grown flowers starts to really come into it’s own.

This gorgeous inspiring guest post from 3acre blooms gives you a floral insight to spring…




Spring has well and truly arrived in Cornwall and just in time for wedding season.

Branches bow under the weight of blossom, heavenly hellebores nod their heads in the breeze, the tantalizing tips of tulips start to emerge from hibernation, and the narcissi can be seen proudly peeking through hedgerows.

As flower growers and florists, spring is a particularly special time for us as life begins to emerge from our dormant cutting patch. The gloomy grey of winter begins to dissipate, our seeds sprout and germinate and most importantly, the sun starts to shine!

For couples, it’s a fantastic time to get married, as the days are getting longer and there’s an abundance of beautiful british blooms to choose from. Here’s our pick of the bunch of British spring flowers that are in season…



These little beauts are a particular favourite of ours, part of the ranunculacea family, they have gorgeous petals that are almost paper-like in texture, as the petals unfurl, they reveal the most beautiful velvety centres.


3 acre blooms



Whether it’s hawthorn, apple, pear or cherry blossom, it’s blooming gorgeous and is perfect for table arrangements or large scale arrangements, such as milk churns or urns.




Part of the Lily family, these delicate, bell-headed blooms come to life in Spring. The snake’s head variety, also known as the chequered daffodil, can often been seen growing wild in meadows. Pictured are the ever so delicate Uva Vulpis variety, which we adore.




These heavenly ones have been cropping up all over instagram, there’s even a hashtag #helleboreappreciatesociety that has nearly 1500 posts. Commonly referred to as the winter rose, these blooms come in so many varieties and when picked and conditioned correctly have a great vase life.




From Paperwhites, to Delnashaugh, to Winston Churchhill, to Erlicheer the varieties of Narcissi are plentiful and make it very hard to choose a favourite. Many of them have a beautiful long-lasting fragrance and Cornwall has the pick of the crop with so many growers of these lovelies.




Although these gorgeous blooms take their name from the latin for frog ‘rana’, they are anything but frog-like, some varieties are almost peony-esque with their ruffly fluffy petals. Beautiful in bouquets especially as they begin to pop their petals create a beautiful effect.




The variety of tulips that is now available from British Growers is fantastic, we have had tulip fever this year in our polytunnel and are swooning over Copper Image and Belle Epoche that have recently burst into life.



So, there you have it, a round-up of our floral favourites for Spring.

Keep your eyes our for our next post on the Pick of the Bunch of British Flowers for Summer Brides.


About us

3acre blooms are flower growers and florists based on the north Cornish coast. They delight in creating fluid and natural designs, that capture the mood of the wedding and reflect the seasons. Working very closely with their couples, they bring to life their flowery ideas with individual and personalised blooms that add a touch of floral delight and magic to their special day


Image credits: Ross Talling and 3acre Blooms

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