DIY ~ paper dreams

DIY ~ paper dreams

Whether you’re planning your wedding on a shoestring and want to make things yourself where possible, or if you’re just a crafty type who wants to put your own stamp on your day, paper is a great starting point for loads of gorgeous DIY ideas.

I’ve collected a few ideas below, and only wish I had the skill and patience to give them a go myself.  Some of these have tutorials (which would at least give me a fighting chance of achieving something close to the desired outcome). Others though, I’ve added for inspiration but am relying on the super-crafty among you to work out how to actually make them!

If you have a go at any of these and would be happy to share photos (or a tutorial, for those ideas that are lacking something so useful as instructions!) do drop me a line or comment below.

Also, if you’ve got any other nice websites or tutorials bookmarked for papery-decor that you’d like to share, do add a comment below.

Onto the inspiration…


{ pinwheels }
Make your own pretty pinwheels using the tutorial from Wedding Chicks. 


{ paper hearts }
By Bookity on Etsy, these hearts could be used on a garland or hung individually over your cake table.  No tutorial, just a cool idea.  These ones are made out of pages from Shakespeare’s plays, which is a nice touch, although I guess depends on the play! Love poems, sheets of music or similar would be nice…


{ lucky wishing stars}
One of my friends made these a while ago and I loved them!  I’m not entirely sure how you’d use them ~ perhaps string them up to make a little star garland, or put them to accessorise tables? If you find a way to incorporate them, please let me know! Here’s a tutorial.

{ garland }
This garland is so cute, and I reckon even I could have a reasonable attempt at making it (bit of string, cut some bits of paper and voila! (Disclaimer ~ I am totally rubbish at all things crafty, so it might not be that easy to make at all, if you try it do let me know!) This pic is from Cori Kindred on Etsy.

{ pompoms }

See my post about this from the other day. The ones in the picture below are by Martha Stewart.

If you try any of these, do send in pics.

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