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I adore the work of Cornwall based wedding photographer Scott Sharples. He has a keen eye for pretty composition and the tones and lighting of his images are just beautiful.

This gorgeous shoot brought together some of Cornwall’s best suppliers (links all at the bottom of the page) to create some stunning wedding eye candy with the backdrop of the magical Trerice. But I shan’t rabbit on, here’s Scott to tell you about it…

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When asked by Tracy at Bliss Bridal, the Perranporth based bridal boutique, to come on board for a styled shoot at National Trust run Trerice Manor, the answer was an easy yes! Access as a photographer to shoot at this Elizabethan gem is a rare treat, with its stunning architecture and beautiful grounds. The Trust are keen to promote the exclusive venue for a limited number of weddings each year, balancing those with maintaining access to the public whilst also ensuring conservation of the historically important house is not compromised..


Tracy had assembled a team of wedding industry experts to come together for a day to collaborate and produce a set of images that could be used to show what Trerice has to offer prospective couples looking for an intimate and unique venue. For those that don’t know Trerice, it is nestled away near St Newlyn East in the heart of Cornwall and is well worth going for a visit, even if not looking for a special place to say ‘I do’.

scott-sharples-photography-national-trust-trerice-photoshoot-4_blog scott-sharples-photography-national-trust-trerice-photoshoot-11_blog scott-sharples-photography-national-trust-trerice-photoshoot-19_blog

The Manor itself offers a range of spaces, perfect for capturing a unique set of images for any couple on their big day and can host celebrations of up to 120 guests in the barn, with its gorgeous aged wooden floor and high vaulted ceilings. The facades, windows, walls and gates all offered interest and variety for the photos and we were lucky enough to be able to include a stunning Beauford 1930’s style car in some of the shots, kindly provided by Nikki at Treverbyn Cars.

scott-sharples-photography-national-trust-trerice-photoshoot-21_blog scott-sharples-photography-national-trust-trerice-photoshoot-24_blog scott-sharples-photography-national-trust-trerice-photoshoot-32_blog

Jess and George, our amazing models worked hard all day, looked fab in their wedding attire from Bliss Bridal and Little Anne Maids, in conditions that were far from ideal at times, calling for constant attention from Penny, our amazing make up artist and Vicki, who created quite frankly, a work of art with Jess’s hair.

scott-sharples-photography-national-trust-trerice-photoshoot-38_blog scott-sharples-photography-national-trust-trerice-photoshoot-40_blog scott-sharples-photography-national-trust-trerice-photoshoot-51_blog

Mari from This Rugged Coast, kindly provided her artisan flowers for the shoot and I am always blown away by the work of skilled florists. She grows them on Cornwall’s north coast and so are very sustainable and you won’t find them more freshly selected!

scott-sharples-photography-national-trust-trerice-photoshoot-60_blog scott-sharples-photography-national-trust-trerice-photoshoot-61_blog scott-sharples-photography-national-trust-trerice-photoshoot-64_blog scott-sharples-photography-national-trust-trerice-photoshoot-65_blog scott-sharples-photography-national-trust-trerice-photoshoot-69_blog scott-sharples-photography-national-trust-trerice-photoshoot-73_blog scott-sharples-photography-national-trust-trerice-photoshoot-78_blog

Beverley from Design My Day provided our styling needs, creating a look to compliment the venue, helping us with organisation on the shoot itself and assisting everyone at just the right moments throughout the day, a perfect set of skills for her chosen wedding business. Her cake moving skills proved second to none on the day and the cake itself was kindly provided by The Little Cake Shop and completed the look we wanted achieve. The aim of the shoot was to give the National Trust a range of images to use to promote and share this wonderful location with clients who want somewhere that shouts style, class and quality that is hard to match.

scott-sharples-photography-national-trust-trerice-photoshoot-83_blog scott-sharples-photography-national-trust-trerice-photoshoot-86_blog scott-sharples-photography-national-trust-trerice-photoshoot-94_blog scott-sharples-photography-national-trust-trerice-photoshoot-102_blog scott-sharples-photography-national-trust-trerice-photoshoot-104_blog scott-sharples-photography-national-trust-trerice-photoshoot-108_blog scott-sharples-photography-national-trust-trerice-photoshoot-118_blog scott-sharples-photography-national-trust-trerice-photoshoot-129_blog scott-sharples-photography-national-trust-trerice-photoshoot-130_blog scott-sharples-photography-national-trust-trerice-photoshoot-147_blog scott-sharples-photography-national-trust-trerice-photoshoot-137_blog scott-sharples-photography-national-trust-trerice-photoshoot-144_blog scott-sharples-photography-national-trust-trerice-photoshoot-150_blog scott-sharples-photography-national-trust-trerice-photoshoot-159_blog scott-sharples-photography-national-trust-trerice-photoshoot-141_blog

We could have shot images all day long at this wonderful location but alas we had to stop somewhere! My massive thanks has to go to Tracy for asking me to be involved, Nyree at the Trust for allowing us to spend the day at Trerice and to all the locally based wedding suppliers that helped out on the day, giving their time, skills and business expertise to help us to collectively produce images that could not be achieved by individuals working alone.

Well done team!! x

Scott Sharples Photography
Bliss Bridal, Perranporth
Little Anne Maids
Trerice, National Trust
The Little Cake Shop
This Rugged Coast
Vicki Hoskin Hair Artistry
Make up by Penny
Table styling
Design My Day
Treverbyn Cars
Jess Black
George Champion




  1. Paul Grant

    Wonderful country wedding inspiration. It is indeed elegant and the photos were captured beautifully. The venue at Trerice looks very fabulous too. I enjoyed reading this. Thanks.

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