While wandering aimlessly around the internet a few nights ago I came across this idea for making these decorations which I think are pretty cool (particularly if you’re already a yarn-a-holic and have an enviable stash… yes, crochet/knitters, I’m talking to you!).

They’d be a really good way to add some eye-catching decorations without breaking the bank.  You could use them in loads of different ways – a mixture of sizes and colours, either hung from the ceiling, around the cake table, as centrepieces, for general decor…

The original tutorial is here, but you basically:

  • Dip yarn in glue
  • Wrap the yarn around a blown up balloon
  • Hang the balloon up to dry
  • Pop the ballon
  • Voila!

If you give these a try, do let me know how you get on (and please send in your pics!).



{hover over the image to see who it’s credited to, then refer below for the source link}

{ The Family Pelton }    { Family Fun }     { Shelterness }     { For a day without sun }

a little note on image credits // As a photographer myself I totally get the importance of getting image credits right. I do my best to find the original source of images and credit accordingly, but if you spot a faux pas please let me know so I can put it right. Ta muchly.



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