How to hang your bunting ~ by The Big Beautiful Bunting Company

So, you’ve hired, bought or maybe even made yourself some strings of those flowery flags we’ve all grown to love.  Before you start trying to hang your bunting, make sure you read this post!  Regular pasties & petticoats guest blogger Georgie owns The Big Beautiful Bunting Company, so I reckon I’m safe in saying that her advice comes with lots of experience…

(And if you are looking to hire some bunting, do check out Georgie’s website – her bunting really is big and beautiful).


There is an art to hanging bunting no matter what anyone says. It’s so important to know your space and have a little think before venturing up a ladder or climbing a tree! There’s nothing worse than having to go back up the ladder (or back up that tree) to start again because you didn’t make a plan.

Here are some tips for the most likely places you’ll want to decorate.

Clear span Marquee

This type of marquee has no central poles, so the bunting has to be tucked up into the top of the marquee when the lining goes up. This creates beautiful clean lines of bunting down through the length of the marquee and really shows off the repeat pattern of the flags. Best to ask for help from the marquee company with this one as they have tall ladders and highly trained ladder climbers.

Alternatively, you can hang your bunting around the sides of your clear span marquee…

You may choose to hang your bunting down the centre of the marquee instead. This is a great idea if you are on a budget or you didn’t manage to make as much  bunting as you wanted.


Traditional marquee

If you have a traditional pole and canvas marquee, your bunting can be hung from the centre poles and draped to the edges like a maypole.


I love decorating garden gazebos as they are a neat little space and can be easily transformed into a fairy tale backdrop with some diy bunting and a few metres of muslin.



We use white fencing poles to stage bunting in the garden and it really can create a fabulous entrance, especially if you double layer them. This is also useful for directing guests to the party or away from your lovely (tidy) house!


A lot of thought often goes into the main entertaining area but the entrance usually gets forgotten. This is a great place to use up that last string of bunting.

Hat line

And in case you couldn’t think of  where to put granny’s hat……!



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