Get crafty and creative for your wedding!

The wedding world is enjoying such an explosion of creativity right now, and as a wedding blogger I could NOT be happier. There’s no question that getting your craft on can really add a special touch of magic to your day.

I know the DIY approach isn’t for everyone, but I really hope this post might make you at least consider it. So without further ado, it’s onto the write-up from last week’s #wedchat – a weekly twitter chat hosted by marvellous wedding and event consultant Hazel Parsons. Last week’s topic was crafty weddings, here’s what tweeters had to say…



I totally get that every bride out there isn’t a natural born Kirstie Allsopp. I was one of those brides wondering why on earth anyone would choose to add stress (not to mention yet more things to the ‘to do’ list) to my wedding planning. And yet, somehow I ended up making ALL of our stationery as well as a few décor bits. Sure, I had lots of help from my (very patient) friends and family, but it really was a positive and enjoyable experience and I was so glad I did it. Apart my printer breaking the day before the wedding, but we won’t talk about that! If I can do it, so can you!


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If the idea of spending your precious evenings slaving over sellotape and pritt-stick doesn’t float your boat, don’t be put off, just find a way to make it fun. Get your girly mates over, stock the fridge with wine and get making!

You can achieve a huge amount in one evening if there are a few of you, provided you’re prepared. Have your idea and materials at the ready, do a trial run and have an example of the finished item as well as printed copies of the instructions.

Voila – a productive AND fun girly night shall be had!



There are a million and one places to get inspiration, and whether you’re a dab hand with a sewing machine or barely comfortable with blu-tack, there’s something for everyone. My biggest piece of advice would be to make sure you take the time to choose carefully.

Browse the crafty ideas on Pasties & Petticoats, or have a look at pinterest – check out my DIY board here as a starter. Be sure not to choose simply on the basis of pretty pictures of finished products, but to carefully read the list of required materials and the instructions on how it’s made. You really need to be comfortable with what you need to do. A complex design that makes you frustrated and ends up looking like a 5 year old did it isn’t the desired end result.



If the thought of attempting crafts without professional guidance has you shaking in your sparkly shoes, fear not. There are a whole bunch of awesome crafty professionals across Cornwall and Devon who offer workshops either just for you, or even as a hen party activity. This is the perfect compromise if you love the idea of having that personal touch, but lack the confidence to pull it off without help from a pro.

Wedding industry events manager Rachel (@RachelREvents) had two great suggestions for Devon hen parties:

Crafty Cornish hen party suggestions included:

  • Truro based milliner Holly Young (@hollyyounghats) who hosts workshops to make cocktail hats, fascinators or silk flowers.
  • Aggie Arts Crafts @AggieArtsCrafts offers all kinds of crafty workshops.
  • Susan Fowler (@SusanFBouquets) holds craft parties to teach you how to press your wedding flowers.


If you’re keen to go it alone but want to try something fairly fool-proof, there are plenty of ideas to go round.  From hand-punched confetti to using free printables from the internet, there are plenty of ways to add a personal touch without so much as a glue gun in sight.



Paper. It’s your BFF when it comes to dreamy décor ideas. From huge paper pom-poms to delicate little paper flowers and everything in between.

If you’re not feeling in touch with your inner origami guru, get in touch with Kirsty at The Paper Princess, who performs actual miracles with paper. She made huge beautiful poppies twice the height of me for a recent wedding event – they were amazing!!


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Another really simple but effective décor idea from décor hire company Stargazey Hire, who personalise jars for flowers and tea lights. They have these available to hire which can save you on time and cost while still achieving the homemade feel.




Ahhh, the humble wedding table. So easy to overlook, but a major player in the style stakes. When your guests take their seat for the next couple of hours, blow them away with your beautiful designs and uber DIY skills.  Striking centrepieces, handmade table names and pretty place settings all set the tone and feel of your day.

Bristol based wedding stylist The Little Wedding Helper (@weddinghelperuk) had some gorgeous table plan ideas:

And – one of my absolute favourite ideas came from The Paper Princess – alcohol miniatures on the table for guests to create their own cocktails!! Ohhhh yes!!



I do love a bit of signage! So much so in fact, that I have a pinterest board dedicated entirely to wedding signs.

Regular #wedchatter Mesmear (@Mesmear) – who is not just a Cornwall wedding venue owner, but also a bride to be herself – has bought some plain signs from Hobbycraft, which they’re designing and painting themselves (we can’t wait to see the pics Megan!).

#wedchat hostess extraordinaire, Hazel Parsons, suggested chalk boards and stencils which I love, especially now you can buy the lovely felt tip style chalk pens which allow you to be so much more creative and precise (not to mention the vibrant colours).

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As wedding artist The Artographer (@The_Artographer) suggested, favours are the perfect place to add that handmade touch…

Stargazey Hire tweeted that they made homemade sloe gin as wedding favours – what a wonderful idea (although, as she pointed out, you do have to be prepared as it’s not ready for a year!).

The options really are endless when it comes to homemade favours – soap, biscuits, miniature jams or small sewn/crocheted items – whatever your talent you can make a favour to wow your guests.


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The Paper Princess, who clearly was on a roll with this theme, suggested some really lovely ideas that involve the guests bringing something with them for you to use in creating a keepsake – asking everyone to bring a recipe, from which you create a cookbook to start married life, or asking everyone to bring a button from which you could create an art piece. Lovely!



If you’ve read this far and I still haven’t won your heart with the crafty concept, I’m ok with that. But if you still love the idea of having unique handmade items without the heartache or effort, there’s still an option for you. Check out Etsy for a huge selection of lovely handmade things which can still add that special touch to your day.


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