Seaside vibes – a ‘how to’ from Inspire Hire
Resident expert Elle from Inspire Hire shares fab ideas and inspiration to create some laid-back seaside vibes…
Create a beachy table centre, break away from the traditional table plan with unusual escort cards and send your guests home with handmade favours as memento of your special day!  Today I’m sharing some beach themed ‘how to’ tutorials including:
  1. Table centre
  2. Mini bucket favours / place settings
  3. Bucket & spade escort cards
  4. Menu in a bottle
You will need:
  • Gold fish bowl vases (available to hire from Inspire Hire)
  • Empty wine bottle or similar
  • Sand & shells
  • Beach buckets
  • Mini enamel buckets (available from Inspire Hire)
  • Cardboard
  • Ribbon
  • PVA glue
  • Teabags
  • Paper

Table centre

  1. To create a fun and simple table centre first take two empty goldfish bowl vases (available to hire from Inspire Hire)
  2. Fill bottom vase with sand, shells & stones
  3. Fill top vase with sand, shells stones & a pillar candle
  4. Stack one vase on top of another. Vases available to hire from Inspire Hire.

Menu in a bottle

  1. Take two teabags and immerse in a tray of hot water.
  2. When tea has cooled place A4 paper into tray of tea.
  3. Remove before saturated and place on a baking tray into a warm oven for a short amount of time until dry and aged looking. Check frequently and do not leave unattended.
  4. Prepare your menu on the computer and print onto the aged paper. On reverse side, print MENU at the top of the page in landscape format.
  5. Place the sand and shells in the bottle. Tightly roll menu and tie with ribbon. Post menu into bottle leaving ribbon ends and or end of menu sticking out of bottle mouth to be easily removed! (Vintage bottles available to hire from Inspire Hire)

Sandcastle flag escort cards

  1. Using a spreadsheet or by hand print guest names onto A4 colored card. (For measurements contact Inspire Hire) (Also make flags for each table number)
  2. Cut out the guest names into flag shapes and attach to kebab sticks with PVA glue.
  3. Fill beach buckets with sand and place your table number flag in each one, then place guests name flags in the relevant bucket. Create an escort card table or display instead of a table plan! (Enamel buckets available from Inspire Hire)

Mini bucket place settings/ favours

  1. Take mini buckets (available from Inspire Hire) and draw around the top of the bucket to create a template for the ‘lid’ of the bucket. Using some thin cardboard cut out lids for each bucket.
  2. Glue a section of ribbon to the underside of the cardboard disc to act as a handle for the lid!
  3. Pierce the cardboard disc with a kebab stick and use to dip each disc into PVA glue & then a tray of sand. You can also use glue to fix some small shells and stones to the lid.
  4. Fill each mini bucket with sweets or other small gifts for your guests. Place each sand covered lid onto the top of the pail, leaving ribbon handle outside of bucket, and place a name flag into each favour bucket.
  5. Tie a ribbon around each bucket and place in front of each place setting.
If you want to have a DIY wedding, pick projects that can be completed well in advance and put away ready for the day before the wedding. Bear in mind that every job you need to do in the week before your wedding will take about three times longer than you expect it to. Think carefully about how much money your DIY project will actually save, quite often DIY can cost more!!
If you don’t fancy doing it all yourself – get the professionals involved!
At Inspire Hire we can create the wedding you desire within any budget, we offer three main services (although every wedding is different!)…
  • We can just hire the items to you that you need to create your own DIY wedding.
  • We also offer the “DIY we help you” service where we come and show you how to do a range of easy DIY projects and manage the set up of your wedding with a team of your friends and family to help.  Just don’t have the time? Then our third service is for you, we can help you design the wedding of your dreams and then transform your venue to look exactly the way you want it to. You don’t have to lift a finger, well only to get your nails done!!!
  • For 2014 Elle Winsor Grime  from Inspire Hire will also be offering DIY Wedding Workshops for DIY couples and their friends and family.  Get in touch with Elle to find out more!!
  Photography credit: Ben Photography

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