Shoes of gorgeousness

Shoes of gorgeousness



Pretty, pretty shoes.

My name is Donna, and I’m a shoe-aholic.

The size of my shoe collection has been a long standing joke in my family for longer than I care to admit. These days I have a mortgage, bills to pay and a family to feed, so I spend far less on shoes than I’d like. But a girl can still window shop.  And I do…!

So, today dear readers, I present to you, some shoe pretty. Lust along with me why don’t you?

gorgeous wedding shoes - as featured on cornwall's wedding blog, inspiration for couples planning their wedding in cornwall

pasties and petticoats is a website for cornish brides

gorgeous sparkly gold shoes - perfect for your wedding day!

bridal inspiration blog, for couples getting married in cornwall

cornwall wedding photography by donna sharpe, featured on cornwall wedding blog pasties and petticoats, for couples getting married in cornwall

vivienne westwood shoes - popular with brides, as featured on cornwall wedding blog

flowery platform shoes, for the funky bride!

blue bridal manolo's, inspiration for brides getting married in cornwall




hover over the image to see who it’s credited to, then refer below for the source link

(NB, I’m just waiting for Ali to confirm source details, will update image credits when I have the info).

{ Edward Monkton }     { Pretty Chic Blog }    { Full blown rose }    { Bridal Musings }    { Style Me Pretty }

{ Donna Sharpe Photography }     { B & G Photography }    { Adam Foster }

a little note on image credits // As a photographer myself I totally get the importance of getting image credits right. I do my best to find the original source of images and credit accordingly, but if you spot a faux pas please let me know so I can put it right. Ta muchly.


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