emma mike huntsham court wedding


I am so thrilled for the super talented Mike Riley who has just received a Masterpiece Award from the Wedding Photojournalist Association (WPJA) for this incredible image…




If this photograph of the lovely Emma and husband Mike seems familiar, it’s because we recently featured their Huntsham Court wedding here on Pasties & Petticoats (you can see it here).


I am so thrilled for Mike (the photographer – how confusing with two Mikes?!) in getting this recognition for his incredible work – true wedding photojournalism with such feeling and depth, you only need look through his portfolio to see his amazing eye for capturing not just a pretty picture but a the entire feeling of a moment in time.


The WPJA reserves membership to select photographers, recognising creativity and craft. It represents the highest standards in creative photojournalism and Mike has his rightful place in this prestigious pool of talent.


And while Emma and (husband) Mike’s wedding is in the spotlight, you might like to take a peek at the film below too.  Made by The Guardian, this documentary follows the weddings of four different couples – one of which is theirs.  You even get a glimpse of Mike (the photographer) too!






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