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With it’s simple but elegant glamour, deco is one of my favourite styles, particularly when it comes to wedding jewellery.  A pretty headpiece can complement and effortlessly transform your look.

Janie at The Lucky Sixpence creates the most beautiful pieces with a real nod to this era. Her eye for detail and design combine to create incredible bespoke headpieces and jewellery.

So on this sunny Sunday it’s over to Janie to chat a little more about the deco look…


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With magazines full of images of the latest ‘bridal looks’ I can’t help but feel that there is one look that will be here to stay for some time to come – ‘Deco’.

Who’s not to love the look that embraces a time in life which is characterized by rich colours, bold geometric shapes and lavish ornamentation? Known as ‘the roaring 20s’ or the ‘jazz age’ the deco era was a time where people felt liberated after the war and could go out and live life to the full.
The world was changing and the increased access to travel and transport, telephones, films and music lead to people having higher consumer demands and aspirations. For the first time the media began to focus on celebrities – especially movie stars.

So with all this going on who wouldn’t want to look or feel like a movie star. Women wore knee length skirts and dresses and cut their hair short, they felt they could go out and drink, and most of all relax – gone was the time of the constrained corset, the age of the flapper had begun.

Now in the 21 century we are still fascinated by this era – The Christmas Episode of Downton Abbey set in 1925 was watched by 11.22 million viewers (1) and the current series of Mr Selfridge (set in the 1920’s) has around 4 million viewers weekly (2), and how can we forget the multi award winning ‘Great Gatsby’ film that was released in 2013. All of these programmes and films send us back to a time which looked glamorous and free, and to be honest who doesn’t want to feel like that?

Deco is a look but it is more than that, it’s a feeling. To have a deco wedding you don’t need to turn it into a party at Gatsby’s but you can just add a touch of sparkle and class to your day. Include some simple geometric shapes and symmetry. Metallics are big this year and there are plenty of beautiful sequin and beaded dresses around for you or your bridesmaids. These are perfect for the Deco feel.

So back to my original point – a deco wedding, yes please. Your wedding day is a time where you can lavish on the finer things in life, feel free to be who you want, be glamorous and decadent. Sparkle and feel like a goddess!

To add a touch of deco to your bridal look have a look at our ‘Decadence range’ at, or alternatively drop us a line on [email protected] to arrange a bespoke service.


Janie (The Lucky Sixpence)


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Image credit: Linus Moran Photography


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