Delicious, delectable drip cakes: inspiration from Sugar Mama’s Cakery

Buckle up and prepare for cakey inspiration! The super talented Laura at Sugar Mama’s Cakery in Tavistock gives us the low down on the latest trend in wedding cakes: the drip cake…

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Today’s bloggy subject is the smooth evolution of the naked cake, the blinged-up, vajazzled, va-va-voom next step back towards the spectacular icing centrepieces we know and love. Ladies and Gentlemen, tip your hats to the colour drip cake! *general applause*

Last year was a tremendous year for the naked cake; a friendly, pared-back alternative to its heavier frosted cousins, the naked offers lightness of touch and really gives flavours a chance to shine. Finishes range from actually, really quite naked to a light ‘skim’ of buttercream to create a rough, rustic feel which sits perfectly at a vintage or barn wedding or contrasts nicely with a neater, contemporary look. An added bonus is the foliage, which can be provided by one’s florist to match perfectly with your cascading bridal bouquet or boho floral crown.

At Sugar Mama’s, we’re always glad to create a couple’s wedding centrepiece, but the rise of the naked cake comes with a tinge of sadness as it offers us confection artistes little in the way of artistic licence. Essentially we complete all the cake preparation; baking, levelling, frosting; with none of the fun messing about with paintbrushes and stencils and piping bags!

So it was with joy in my heart that I first came across the colour drip cake; still light, still great for summer but wow! Gorgeous finishes with bright pops of contrasting drippy loveliness! And that isn’t all! The cake drip, in its contemporary fabbyness has opened the door to a world of edible decorative wonder. Gone are the delicate rose sprays only to be replaced with sparkle-crusted cake pops, rainbow macaroons, crystallised fruits, sprinkles and monochrome chocolate edifices. Oh the colours! Oh the possibilities! Oh the satisfaction of smoothing a butter iced crumb layer to within an inch of its life before smothering it with a neon fountain of drippiness!

drip cake wedding inspiration - cake by cakes-by-cliff

Cake by Cakes by Cliff


Ahem. Looking at it from the perspective of a couple knee-deep in wedding plans and theme ideas, the colour drip can be wild or classy, bright or understated. Your drips can be sumptuous dark chocolate, warm buttery caramel or smooth ganache. They can add a pop of fun colour to a light-hearted fifties vintage wedding with cake pops and sprinkles or can make a strong statement in black sliding gracefully down the sides of a 24-carat gilded centrepiece. (It also looks amazing as a bleeding Halloween cake, but as that’s fairly niche we’ll come back to that another time).

Colour pop drip cake with macaroons by Mudge emade

Cake by Mudgee Made


drip cake in pretty pink and chocolate by Katherine Sabbath 01

Cake by Katherine Sabbath


drip cake with cake pops by Katherine Sabbath 2

Cake by Katherine Sabbath


Colour drip cakes can provide the individual touch that you need in a relaxed, artful manner and make a stunning centrepiece which is playful and, of course, delicious.

Let 2016 be the summer of cakey colour!


wedding drip cake by Sugar Mama's Devon

Pretty wedding drip cake by Devon based Sugar Mama's

wedding drip cake in Tavistock by Sugar Mama's

Cake by Sugar Mama’s Cakery

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