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Having grown up in a family where the kitchen was the heart of the home, I have a real thing for sitting round a table with loved ones, food and wine flowing and the sound of chatter and laughter filling the house.


It was this that made me choose a ‘platter’ style of dining for our wedding, having a variety of dishes brought to the table for people to serve themselves in a really relaxed, social atmosphere.


Middle Eastern food really lends itself to this social way of eating, and Cornwall based caterers Lafafa create the most amazing wedding feasts.





One of the things I love most about Lafafa is the way they use edible flowers (both fresh and dried) to bring their dishes to life creating food that isn’t just delicious, but also looks amazing!


Annie, who partners Lindsay in the wedding side of Lafafa Catering has a beautiful garden at Crugsillack (open to the public 17 June as part of the NGS garden scheme) where she grows the herbs and flowers for the business.  Here are some of their favourites…




The fresh leaves and flowers have a peppery flavour similar to watercress.



As a general rule if a rose smells good, it will taste good. Petals have a delicate flavour. We also use dried rose petals



Flowers have a lettuce-like flavour.



Blossoms add a touch of colour and a sweet taste.



The flowers and leaves have a citrus taste, making them ideal for adding to salads.



Vibrant coloured petals to fruit salads. Use fresh or dried.




For more information about Lafafa’s delicious Middle Eastern food for your wedding, go have a peep at their website.









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