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It’s #weddingwednesday (at least it is over on twitter!), which means it’s time for the 4th post in our series of down-to-earth wedding planning wisdom from couples who’ve recently tied the knot.

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This week it’s a biggy folks, because it’s alllll about making sure you choose great wedding suppliers.


OK so on the face of it perhaps this might not seem a big deal, BUT, dive into blindly booking at your peril.





I would recommend looking around to find really good suppliers.


Emma and Paul


Yessss Emma and Paul, I couldn’t agree more! The value of a great wedding supplier is immeasurable.


I know it sounds a tad dramatic, but these people literally have the ability to make or break your wedding day.


You want the obvious stuff (you know, they turn up and do what you’ve asked them to), but a great supplier does so much more!  These businesses are run by people that really care about you and your wedding. They’re talented and creative and want to tailor their service to suit you and your day.


Booking wedding suppliers isn’t something to be seen as a chore to tick off the to do list – take time to get to know what your options are, book people you feel a connection with, that you feel you can trust and have the talent and creativity to bring your vision to life.


Thankfully you have our fabulous suppliers guide at hand and that’s crammed with amazing local wedding suppliers. These are the people that I wholeheartedly recommend without hesitation. They’re talented, well respected, established businesses who put their couples at the absolute centre of everything they do, and every single wedding is treated as the special and unique day that it is.


If you’re going off piste, make sure you do your research!


Either way, once you’ve got a shortlist of suppliers I’d always recommend getting to know them (in a virtual sense!) before you start signing contracts and paying deposits. This can be as simple as a good nose around on their website, checking out portfolios and testimonials, as well as a good look at their social media profiles. Just doing this will give you a feel for who they are, what they’re like and how they do business.


Booking a great supplier is the difference between job done or taking your wedding awesomeness factor off the Richter scale.


A great supplier (and I did write about this a while back), put their heart and soul into what they do. They treat every single wedding with the focus and love that it deserves. They are professional, reputable, they do what they say they will when they said they’d do it. They reply to your emails, they deliver above and beyond your expectations, and they’re lovely with it.


These people are worth investing in.




Book the suppliers as early as possible in advance


James and Tamsin


YES to this. Don’t underestimate how far in advance popular dates get booked – and this doesn’t just apply to photographers and venues either. Talented stationers, incredible cake makers, creative florists – they all have chocka diaries and are much in demand so don’t leave it to the last minute and end up disappointed if you have your heart set on a particular supplier.


Bear in mind too that bespoke services take time. Whether you’re buying a designer gown from a boutique or having your wedding cake designed for you, creative services in particular do have lead times so just be aware of that.


Ultimately, the wedding suppliers you book are the people that are going to bring your day together. You’re putting a lot of trust into these businesses and investing hard earned pennies in their services. Taking time to choose the right people for you is worth it. Every time.


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