Louis & Rosalie’s Livery Yard Wedding! {photos by Alchemy}

A cream tea at the stables, with a lurcher and a horse as wedding guests. Louis and Rosalie’s laid back livery yard wedding was just perfect, with Landrover Defenders for wedding cars, surrounded by hay bales with free shots at the bar! Thank you to them both for sharing their day, and to David at Alchemy Photography for the fantastic images…


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The proposal

Louis proposed to me in Paris. He whisked me away as a complete surprise for my birthday – something he had never done in the 9 years we had been together! I didn’t have a clue and when he finally revealed my birthday surprise the last thing I expected was an engagement ring as we were saving for a house.

We arrived in Paris on the Saturday and took in all the sights, I dragged him all over the city as I had been before and its my favorite city.  I was completely unaware that Louis was carrying a diamond ring in his pocket the entire time, and that I unknowingly ruined numerous proposal opportunities! We were at the top of the Eiffel Tower which was  undergoing building works and Louis took me away from everyone – I said “why are we over here with all the scaffolding and rubbish!” I wondered why he was messing around with his pockets and rushed him along for our boat trip.

On our last night he persuaded me to watch the Eiffel Tower light up at midnight light as his Dad had told him it was spectacular. We filled our evening trying to stay up until midnight, and stood under a tiny umbrella in the pouring rain at midnight I said “I hope it doesn’t just to do that I’m soaked!” again unaware I had ruined another proposal opportunity! We headed back to the hotel around 1am, which meant it had just crept into my birthday. We were leaving in the morning so as we got in I said “well we better get packing.” Louis quite clearly stressed stood me in the room pressed my arms against my side and said “just wait I’ve got one last surprise” and with that got down on one knee and asked me to marry him!  I think I nearly died and just cried, so he asked me again! And of course I said YES!

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Where it all happened

We both got ready at our parents houses. We got married in Lanivet church in Bodmin as my mum lives over the road and this was my local parish church.  We had our reception at Lidcutt Kirland in Bodmin which is my livery yard where I keep my horse.  Its a beautiful location and somewhere I love and was local to the church. We love the outdoors so it suited us completely, and we were able to tailor it to us.

We considered a marquee on the grounds but fell in love with one of the old agricultural barns with old ship mast timbers and beautiful views across the fields.  Not everyone could see what I had in mind especially the week leading up to the wedding when we were knee deep in old straw, dead rats and dust! But it turned out completely perfectly and just as I had envisaged.

Rosalie and Louis D1_0246

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What they wore

I wore a Sophia Tolli dress from Colins Bridal in Callington. I wore my Mum’s veil and had my Grandmother’s ring (that my Grandad who unfortunately passed away when I was 13 had had made for her) for my wedding ring.  The bridesmaids wore Coast and Monsoon and Louis was in a navy suit from Moss Bross.

Rosalie and Louis D1_0300

Rosalie and Louis D2_0290


Rosalie and Louis D1_0299

The theme

The theme was very rustic and vintage, romantic and tailored to us. We went with natural pastels to compliment the barn – I very much wanted the barn to remain a barn. We lined the sides with bales and lit the entire roof – it instantly looked amazing and everyone from this point could see what we could see! The most important thing for me was to incorporate everything that was special to us, so our dog – a rescued greyhound, Flynn – took pride of place at the altar with Louis and the best man, the wedding cars were a convoy of Defender Landrovers that Louis and his friends have built and were still working on up until the days before the wedding, and my horse who is kept at the yard was among the wedding guests. All of these details were priceless for me.

The flowers

Myself and the older bridesmaids had beautiful bouquets contrasted against the lilac silver they wore, and my ivory and alabaster dress.  My florist was a local lady called Fiona Hammond who was amazing and could envisage everything I relayed especially at the barn where we wanted a lot of flowers on display at the front. She arranged milk churns and crates full of the most beautiful flowers. To achieve the abundance we needed my father planted lots of bedding plants in rustic planters and pots and lovingly (and quite stressfully!) kept them alive and nourished from the April!

Rosalie and Louis D2_0069

Rosalie and Louis D2_0062

The cake

We had cupcakes and mini cupcakes made by my lovely friend Bryony Archer which were arranged on a cake stand made by Louis and me. It was a 5 tier wooden slice cake stand with horse shoe dividers with a top tier..it looked sensational and was pride of place in the middle of the barn on an old wooden electrical spool!

Rosalie and Louis D1_0158

Rosalie and Louis D2_0319

Rosalie and Louis D2_0289

What they ate and drank

We had a vintage high tea party supplied by Miss V’s Vintage Cream Tea.  All the food was out of this world, people couldn’t get over it! It was served on cake stands and the tables were laid with mismatched vintage china of all colours. We laid on complimentary table wine and bubbles to toast and a bottle of shots at the bar which had disappeared by 4pm! After the sit down tea party we had a hog roast and then a late night pasty supper which is Louis’ favourite!

Rosalie and Louis D2_0079

Rosalie and Louis D2_0059

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The photos

David Wilkins (Alchemy Photography) was our photographer, he did a grand job. We also had a videographer from Take One photos who captured the day and atmosphere perfectly! We also had a complimentary engagement shoot before the big day and those photos were used to decorate the table plan so everybody could see the barn prior to the transformation!

Rosalie and Louis D1_0321

Rosalie and Louis D2_0294

The party

After the formalities we had fun photo shoots, cut the cake, had our first dance to Dean Martin Thats Amore (which we tried to learn the waltz for but did not end up well!). Everybody thought it was choreographed so I think we did well just having a go! The party was rocking – alcohol was flowing and the jaeger train was well and truly boarded! The music could be heard across the beacon – the band High Tide were brilliant up on the stage which I later stage dived from!

The honeymoon

We went to Croatia the Monday after the wedding and were there for five days then our family came to join us for a familymoon which was so special and lovely. We spent 9 days with them and then boarded a catamaran to Venice to finish off our honeymoon on our own.  I actually didn’t want to leave our lovely family but Venice was amazing and something truly amazing and romantic to experience on our own as husband and wife.


Rosalie and Louis D1_0175

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