The wedding planner bride – Jenny Wren chooses her photographer

Today we welcome back guest blogger, Cornwall based wedding planner Jenny Wren.

Jenny has been sharing her personal wedding planning journey with us.

Today we’re hearing all about how she and Damian chose their photographer…

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Who will capture our day on camera?

After the cake has been eaten, dress has been worn and packed away, the flowers have been appreciated in all their glory and the dance floor has seen some serious action, what you have left as well as the memories are the photographs of your day.

Many couples feel a sense of post wedding blues, which is understandable after so much build up and excitement, but the photographs give them something to look forward to again and allow them to relive the day in their minds each time they look at them.

For this very reason, in my mind, picking our photographer was a task that should not be taken lightly.

Photographers can have different styles both in the way they shoot and how they edit the images in post production. You could ask ten photographers to shoot your wedding and be presented with ten completely different portfolios.

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Damian and I discussed what was important to us with regards to photography and came up with the following…

Documentary style is what we settled on, with the focus being candid or spontaneous pictures of people, action and décor.

We don’t want long periods of time taken up posing for photographs. I have seen this a lot at weddings, where couples are so busy rigorously sticking to their shot list which is as long as your arm, they miss out on all the fun of their entire drinks reception. We want everyone to be left free to enjoy themselves for as much time as possible.

We also thought, what photographs would we want on our walls at home? Not the formal group shots, they are likely to go into an album and gather dust on the bookshelf. It is the natural shots that we would want, of people truly enjoying themselves, not posing for a picture and being told to look like they are (smile!). Those are the sincere pictures that truly capture the essence of your day and allow you to relive that moment, emotion or feeling.

There is definitely an art to this type of photography, to see those moments happening or about to happen and catch them discretely just at the right time. The photographer needs to always be one step ahead and this comes with experience and a creative eye.

Simon Burt Photography’s style matched our brief well and we could tell in our initial meeting he got what we wanted. Simon reassured us that photo-journalistic photography means you will rarely see people staring into the camera, the photos capture the moments exactly as they happened and collectively tell a story. Perfect!

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Something else we really liked about Simon was that he limits himself to a select number of weddings a year. He also does lots of other varied photography work, which allows his approach to weddings to stay fresh and Simon’s wife Anna often accompanies him at weddings as a second shooter.

This was a big attraction for me as it means they can split their time in the morning. Simon can be with Damian and his groomsmen (who will be at a separate location from me) and Anna can be with me and my ladies at the venue. I also feel a lot more comfortable having a woman around in the morning with lots of half naked ladies getting ready!

Finally we wanted someone we knew we would get along well with. You spend a lot of time around your photographer on your wedding day so we felt it was important we had someone we felt comfortable with. It’s also always going to make for better photos if you are having a bit of a laugh with them.

Not for transmission or publication without express permission of the copyright owner, Simon Burt

Simon came to our wedding venue Launcells Barton to do a recce and scope out some prime locations for shots during the day. I was impressed by this as not all photographers do so.

Simon has scheduled in an engagement shoot for us in the near future, which allows us to get a bit more relaxed in front of the camera, allowing him to get the best shots on the day.


We are over the moon to confirm our booking with Simon and Anna and look forward to having them tell the story of our day.


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