If, like me, you’re an organisation geek, a list-maker and control-freak (you get the idea!), planning a wedding is pretty much your happy place.


BUT when you get engaged it’s easy to under-estimate the inordinate task ahead.


If just looking at a wedding planning checklist has you hyperventilating into a paper bag, fear not.


Today’s post gives you the three (yep, just three) most important things you can do to keep your wedding planning on track, and your sanity in check!




1. Stick to your budget


What? I didn’t promise the three tips would be fun!


In all honesty though I can’t emphasise enough the importance of budgeting – setting one, and sticking to it.


Keep revisiting it, make sure you’re tracking your actual spending against estimated costs and be aware of where you’re at in terms of deposits and final balance payment dates.


There is nothing like a financial faux pas to set the cat among the pigeons and as the wedding draws closer the last thing you need to be worrying about is money.  Know your budget and stick to it.





2. Be organised


This one is a stationery lovers dream! Go get yourself a pretty notebook, a ringbinder or a leatherbound tailor made wedding planning organiser. Or spend a couple of quid on a Tesco Value ruled A4 pad. Whatever floats your boat, but be organised. Lists are your friend!


Sign up to our VIP list for our free WEDGUIDE which comes with a handy printable checklist, scribble on it, make notes on it, keep it in your bag and always have a quick at a glance view of what you’ve done, what needs to be done next, and what isn’t high on the priority list quite yet.


Remember that wedding suppliers get booked up waaaaaay in advance. Use our supplier guide to find recommended local wedding businesses who are super awesome and will rock your wedding! Stay on top of the to do list and you can’t go far wrong.




3. Stay focussed on what really matters


When it boils down to it, all that really matters is that you end the day married. Everything else is a bonus.


I know that sounds like a glib statement but honestly, it’s true. Provided you’ve done steps 1 and 2, when it comes to the day itself all those months of planning will fade into the background as you become immersed in your actual wedding!


So, try not to sweat the small stuff. If you’re feeling like you might be heading towards Bridezillaville just stop and take a breath. Remember what this is really all about. Take some time to go and do something nice, just the two of you – a walk on the beach, dinner at your favourite restaurant, a spa day, whatever floats your boat. Reconnect and get it all back into perspective.


Of course you want the shade of the napkins to match the bridesmaids pants, I get it. But in reality it won’t impact on the day, so don’t fret too much!


And if the wedding planning is just all getting too much,

read this post!!


Happy planning my lovelies <3

(ooh, and you can find the whole series of #weddingwisdom posts here)



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