Amber & Matt’s wedding story

Thank you to Amber and Matt for sharing the story of their wedding day, and to AnA Photography for the gorgeous images…


{ the proposal }

Matt proposed whilst on holiday in Somerset in September 2009. He planned a romantic proposal, however I decided I wanted to use the internet on his phone, he said no and I wondered why so I grabbed his pocket to pull the phone out, only to uncover the ring that was in his pocket too! So he got down on one knee and proposed there and then in our little holiday cottage, it was lovely really as it made the whole proposal very relaxed and humorous!



{ the venues }

Matt and I decided to get married at St Pauls church in Charlestown. I grew up in Charlestown and it is our parents Parish, we were both christened there too so it seemed the most fitting place to get married. It had a lot of memories for us both – even more now! I wouldn’t have changed getting married there for the world, it was perfect. I got ready at my parents house which is just around the corner, I heard the bells ringing whilst I was still getting ready! I can remember as I entered the church all the candles were lit whilst I walked down the aisle and it felt so warm and welcoming. As soon as I entered the church I felt so relaxed. We were really eager to have the whole setting of the day around Charlestown so we chose Bosun’s Diner as our venue. We couldn’t have rated the venue higher really. I was eager to decorate it myself as I had collected lots of bits and pieces over the months of planning and Bosun’s were more than happy to let me take over as much as I wanted. The food was amazing on the day, no-one had a bad word to say about the service and everyone commented on what a beautiful, relaxing setting it was.



{ what they wore }

I wore a beautiful ivory lace dress by Justin Alexander. As soon as I tried it on I felt like a princess and knew it was the one. My sister was my only bridesmaid and she was heavily pregnant so we struggled for a while until we came across a maternity dress by Tiffany Rose, as soon as she tried it on I knew it would tie in perfectly with my vintage theme and it fitted her like a dream. Matt really wanted something simple and smart so he ended up buying his off the internet.

{ the theme }

Our theme was ‘vintage’. I have always been obsessed with anything that is old/reclaimed/handmade/retro so I knew in my mind exactly the kind of feel I wanted to achieve on our big day. Matt was very relaxed and let me take over with the theme-so I did! I began collecting bits and bobs early on; I looked in charity shops, went to car boot sales, and spent a lot of time on eBay! It took me a long time to establish a colour scheme as I wanted to go for more of a mis-matched look but the general colour of the day was champagne gold. I tied my sister’s bridesmaid dress in with the men’s ties and handkerchief by having a sash made for her in the same colour. My flower girl wore a gorgeous ivory layered dress. All of the table cloths were ivory and the napkins were champagne gold. Over the few months of planning for the wedding I managed to get hold of mis-matched tea-cups and saucers, retro signs doilies, bunting, vintage cake stands and I got a bargain antique wooden bird cage for £8! I decorated all the tables with doilies and put tea light candles in the cups and saucers. I used the birdcage as a post box for our wedding cards. I had just enough bunting to hang throughout the whole of the venue.

{ flowers }

Two of my amazing friends from work did all of our flowers and they did the most incredible job! A couple of days before the wedding we ventured around my grandparents gardens with a pair of secateurs cutting down any fresh flowers and foliage we could find. We had lots of hydrangea, lavender, ivy etc. I sourced all the bits and pieces they needed like wet foam etc off eBay and I got a few stems of wholesale vintage looking roses from St Mellion flowers in Saltash then I just left them to it! I almost cried when I saw the bouquets they were so stunning, they wrapped lace and pearl pins around the stems and they couldn’t have looked more vintage if they tried! They did a beautiful hydrangea arch over the entrance to the church and they did four pedestal bouquets in the church itself. About a week before the wedding I had a ‘decorating party’ where a few of my girlie friends came over to help me decorate some glass jars that I had collected over a few months. I had a load of lace off-cuts, old pearl necklaces and satin ribbon and we literally spent all evening decorating the jars. My two friends used the left over flowers to fill the jars that we decided to spread around the tables at the venue. They really added a wow factor to the venue space and they looked so chic and pretty!

{ the cake }

My initial idea when deciding on a cake was to go with the whole ‘handmade feel’ and just get some of my family to make some of our favourite cakes to have on a cake table, the more I thought about it though the more I felt we needed a centrepiece cake to cut and I didn’t want my family stressing out over making a perfect cake for such a special day. As it happened my cousin, Amanda, had just began making wedding cakes just as a hobby and she had originally offered to make us one, so at the last minute we took her up on her offer and I am so glad we did! She asked me what style of cake we wanted and I found the most amazing vintage birdcage style wedding cake. I forwarded her the image of it and she said she would try her best. To our amazement when it was finished it was better than the picture I sent her! It certainly had the wow factor, everyone raved about it. When we finally plucked up the courage to cut the beautiful cake we found three tiers of a rich brandy soaked fruit sponge! It was absolutely gorgeous and it was so huge we are still trying to get through it now!

{ what they ate and drank }

Bosun’s diner did all the food, it was a three course set menu and it was absolutely delicious. It was a very British menu with roast lamb/beef and homemade desserts like banoffee pie and fruit cheesecake, we wanted to keep it simple and we both love that sort of warm, homely food! Everyone seemed to love it and rated it so highly that a lot of my family go there for their Sunday roast now!

{ photography }

AnA photography took our photos throughout the whole day and they did an incredible job. The whole vibe of the day was really relaxed and chilled and Aimiee and Ant, our photographers, really helped with that. We felt so relaxed when we posed for pictures and they managed to get the most wonderful, special snaps of our day! One of the main reasons we chose them was because they had a photo booth which we were eager to have for our evening party and we are so glad we did. We have the funniest shots of our friends and family, holding pirate themed props, giggling, joking, relaxing and having fun. I think that can sometimes be so difficult to achieve at a wedding but a photo booth makes it so much easier.

{ the party }

We carried on celebrating after our meal with a vintage themed party at the Bosun’s, We hired DJ Kris Kool to do the disco and met with him a few times prior to the wedding to go over a playlist of all the music we wanted to have played at the reception. We had a mixture of 60’s and 70’s tunes from blues and soul to rock and roll and it was a really amazing evening. All the family got up for a dance and everyone adored the music! We also hired a massive chocolate fountain for the evening with every sweet treat to dip that you could imagine! Profiteroles, marshmallows, strawberries, fudge! It was really delicious and added an extra touch to the celebration! A lot of people took to the photo booth as the evening continued. Remarkably, the drunker people got, the more they wanted their picture taken! We have some great pictures from the end of the night! We finished the evening off by setting off lanterns from the balcony. It was a really beautiful, romantic end to the day watching the lanterns floating up to the stars.

{ the honeymoon }

We honeymooned in Peurto Mogan in Gran Canaria for 11 days, it was a well deserved relaxing, sunny, romantic holiday…just what we needed!

{ the afterthoughts } 

Favourite part of the day:
Matt: The whole chilled out vibe. When we were waiting for the evening disco to set up we walked to the local pub for some drinks with the family and friends. The locals were laughing at us as we casually grabbed a pint with Amber in her wedding dress and everyone all suited and booted!

Amber: I think it was seeing everyone so happy and feeling so special for a day. I felt like all the effort we put in paid off as all the little touches that we put into the day were noticed. I loved the fact that it all felt so casual and effortless too!

Plan it exactly as YOU want it! Have faith in yourself and your imagination and make it fun!! DIY parties really help and make the whole planning bit exciting and fun rather than terrifying! Plus most people really want to help you anyway!

Anything else:
Think positive and don’t let minor details get you down. Matt and I had a very low budget but we made the most of it by taking up any offers that came to us! We had friends do our flowers, family do the cake, we sourced most of our decorations from eBay or car boots and we had fun doing it! If you put the effort in you can have the day of your dreams and you can feel super proud of all your hard work!

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