what wedding suppliers won't tell you

It’s Wedding Wednesday, and I’m going for a throwback to this post…

My role in the wedding world is a bit of a funny one.

As a blogger, my aim is to inspire couples planning their wedding day. I showcase the services of others rather than delivering a wedding day service of my own, and this puts me in quite a different position to wedding suppliers. I’m perched on the periphery, watching the industry buzzing about doing it’s thing… and I have to say, my heart genuinely swells with pride when I look around me.


Cornwall and Devon boast a higher than average number of entrepreneurs and creatives, and far from being the sleepy backward westcountry that may be perceived, we are talented, passionate and creative. Our wedding industry is the epitome of this, crammed with the most incredible wedding professionals you could ever hope to find, right here on our doorstep.


I spend a lot of time with these amazing people – they’ve become like an extended family. One of my favourite things is arriving at an industry event to be greeted with hugs and smiles, catching up with old friends and making new ones.


It’s for them that I write this post.


Because the thing wedding suppliers won’t tell you, is how HARD they work for you. How they pour their heart and soul into each and every bride, groom and wedding. They won’t tell you about the never-ending costs involved in running their business. They won’t tell you how they worry about making sure they’re replying to emails and facebook messages as quickly as possible, even if it’s dinner time or 11pm and they were just heading to bed. They won’t tell you how they agonise over what they do, or the huge amount of pressure they put on themselves to always deliver above and beyond expectations. They won’t tell you how stressful it can be delivering a service that is for a once-in-a-lifetime day, to make sure they don’t mess up and ruin it for you. They won’t tell you how they stay up late doing admin or trying to keep the plates spinning. They won’t tell you how they missed their child’s sports day because they put work first, or how they barely see their family during the hectic wedding season.


They’ll never tell you that their hearts sink a little lower every time someone asks for a discount or their best price.


Wedding suppliers would never say all of this. But I will.


These people are dedicated, reliable and professional. They know weddings. They are masters of their skill. They risk-manage the shit out of every aspect of what they do, so that by the time your wedding day comes round, everything goes swimmingly. They will do you proud. They deserve to be paid the price that they have carefully calculated will cover their costs and pay them a wage while being acceptable to clients.


Please, value them.


If you want a particular photographer or cake maker, you’re not just buying a product or service, you’re investing in that person, their creativity and expertise. The person who has worked their socks off to be who they are and be so amazing at what they do. Haggling only serves to undervalue them.


My audience are discerning couples who are happily willing to invest in the right wedding suppliers for them, and for that I’m grateful.


What I’d really love is that every person reading this who agrees with the sentiment shares this post so that we can support a culture of appreciation for these brilliant people. Let them be valued and paid fairly for the awesomeness that they’ll bring to your wedding day!


And if you want to see who I’m talking about, you only need to check out our fabulous supplier guide which showcases members of the Pasties & Petticoats Wedding Collective, some of the finest wedding professionals you’ll find across Cornwall and Devon.


Let’s get some love flowing for these awesome suppliers
share, share share!


I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below <3



  1. Nikki Sherriff

    Thank you so much for this Donna! I may have got a little bit emotional reading this … it’s so supportive and really sums up how I see the people around me in the wedding industry … compared to the ‘money grabbers’ portrayed by main stream media xx

    1. Donna

      Aww thanks Nikki, I’m so glad it resonated – it’s something I feel so passionate about x

  2. Ashley Hampson

    What a fantastic article! So lovely to read and very well written. Your hard work does us all proud and I for one feel lucky to be part of the wedding collective! Keep doing exactly what you’re doing, it’s amazing! X

  3. Michelle Shulman

    Thank you so much for saying this. It is my life in a nutshell. I cannot begin to describe the pressure I put myself under to keep the wheels turning.

  4. Kristin Arundel

    I couldn’t agree more – I am always impressed with the people I see working so hard at the ceremonies I celebrate

  5. Julie Smith

    You could not have put this any better. My team have on many occasions gone beyond the call of duty so as not to let a Bride down. Working after a close family bereavement etc. As lovely as our work is we do feel the pressure of
    Making sure we give great customer service 7 days a week . BUT we will always love helping Brides look their beautiful best which we have done for over 30 years . Julie Senior Make up Artist & Creative Director @changingfaces_makeupartists

  6. Di moore

    I am a civil marriage celebrant in Western Australia where we have a similar group of hard working , amazing people who give so much of themselves for every wedding. I loved your article as it was as if you were writing about us . Good on you for giving value and appreciation for all they do.

  7. Sarah Marsh

    Well said Donna. Not only do I agree with every word you said, but would also add that the the Wedding biz in the South West is truly exceptional in the support that suppliers give each other. Yes, of course business is competitive, but that should not be a negative, and indeed enlightened people will view it as a positive. The wonderful ‘friends’ that I have made within this industry are happy to recognise that not all business that comes their way is necessarily suited to their particular talents. They would rather refer them on the to the right supplier than just accept the business, so ensuring the bride gets exactly want she wants for her special day. This creates the supportive industry that we have in the South West, and I’m very proud to be a part of it. Xxxx

  8. Dawn

    As a wedding supplier you have got it spot in and beautifully written we work from dawn till dusk and sometimes beyond but we don’t get paid for our hours or no one would be able to afford our service we do it out of love for our craft x

  9. Amy

    Wonderful article, and I agree with all the sentiments above. Blood, sweat, tears and a lot of hard work and money go into being a wedding supplier – but I wouldn’t change it for the world, and we have some amazingly supportive folk in the industry :-).

  10. Jen Shoubridge

    I really couldn’t agree more. We all put so much, blood, sweat and tears into our businesses, and give so much of ourselves in what we do. It’s utterly soul destroying to be asked to price match, and discount. I love what I do and working with all the other amazing suppliers. Such a supportive and empowering article

  11. Curate Catering Software

    Thank you for this post! There is so much hard work that goes into this business and making people’s days wonderful.

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